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If Britain was a village with 100 citizens …

A fascinating view of Britain, if it was a village containing 100 citizens:;jsessionid=386D8B953B1159D49D2FF2598A267B8A

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Time is Gold

Guest blog by Nishada Silva

We all have heard the saying “Time is Gold”, which emphasizes the value of time. The problem with that quote is that
if you lose gold you have a chance of recovering it, while if you waste time it’s gone forever! In this fast moving world where we seem to have thousands of things to do and so little time to do them, learning to manage your time is essential. Managing a blog while working as a software engineer and doing a course in Internet Marketing is not easy but, if you do some self analysis, you are likely to find some time wasters.
Below are a few things that I did to save more time to do things that are really important to me.

Reduce time spent on Social Media / Social Networking sites

Without a doubt social media can play a big role in branding your business, but if you are not careful it can be very addictive and a huge time waster. Facebook is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to wasting office hours which is the reason more and more companies are blocking access to Facebook. With tiny applications and lots of neat little questionnaires it is very easy to be drawn to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. As a blogger, I can’t neglect social networking sites but I can’t afford to waste time on them either. So now, what I do is spend about 15-20 minutes in the morning on social media sites answering mails, etc and in the evening spend around 1 hour checking out the relevant groups and joining in the discussions. You have to find your own way to handle social networking sites but make sure to cut down on the unnecessary time spent on them.

Don’t mix business with pleasure

Having a separate e-mail account for your personal e-mails and work related e-mails is a must. Some people completely shut down their e-mail when working, to reduce the disturbance. If you can’t afford to do that, in case you get important business mail, it is always a good idea to have a separate e-mail for work only purposes. If you are heavily into social media then it is a good idea to have a separate mail for social media sites as well 🙂

Remove all unnecessary games

The concept is simple, if you don’t have it you can’t play it! This applies to Facebook games like Mafia, Warbook, etc. The problem with these games is that, to be successful, they require you to be constantly online. And the competitive nature in us kicks in and we strive to be the best of the lot. You will keep saying “I will quit when I reach this level and that”, but very few get around doing it. Do yourself a favor and uninstall them as soon as you finish reading this post….

The above three tips helped me a lot in saving time for the things that are really important to me. I hope the tips will be helpful to you as well. Now that I have stuck to a regular posting pattern I’m finding it easier to get more and more work done. Now, I have time to work on my affiliate marketing and the earnings are improving. Once you start to see the benefits, it becomes really easy to get rid of those bad habits. So give yourself a week and see the difference 🙂


Nishada Silva has being making money online for close to two years. He uses Forex trading , affiliate marketing and blogging to make money. You can visit his blog to learn more about Making money online from blogging.

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New Facebook group

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