About this blog

Processes in nature

Processes in nature

So why is this blog themed ‘Natural Processes’? The inspiration for the blog comes from the processes, events, occurrences, incidents – call them what you will – which occur in the natural world. In the environment which we know as ‘nature’, everything has a place and an order, although it may not always appear so. 

When disaster looms, nature takes evasive action. When the environment changes, nature adapts. Nature constantly evolves.

There are many lessons here that the business community can learn. Much of it is simple to understand, yet not always obvious without some thought. Some concepts are more difficult to interpret but worth the effort.

The blog is intended to provoke some thought and illuminate some areas which may previously have been overlooked.


Rob Horlock specialises in helping the commercial side of businesses to review and map processes and manage projects. If you would like to find out more about documenting processes or project management, see http://www.ef-ef.co.uk or email: info@ef-ef.co.uk


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  1. Thi is a fantastic blog and so topical and relevant – I love the way you connect what is happening in our natural envirinment to the processes that underpin our working lives and how the best business’ adapt to the external environment.

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